Everyone can live in the community with the proper supports.


Central State Community Services, Inc. is committed to assisting individuals in the pursuit of their hopes and dreams through quality support and services to meet individual needs and personal outcomes.

Five concepts serve as the framework for the services provided to each individual:

1. Human Rights

2. Person Centered Planning

3. Choice

4. Family and Community Relationships

5. Staff Competency


The organization believes that providing quality services can be achieved only when providing supports consistently demonstrate good character. The following statement proclaims the organization’s commitment to developing, strengthening, and recognizing good character. Central State adheres to a set of values that places emphasis on on-going development of the character of the individuals we support and the employees who support them as each continues to evolve as a contributing member of the community.


Central State Community Services, Inc. is an ethical organization. In pursuit of our mission, CSCS embraces the following values:

• Openness

• Accountability

• Selflessness

• Quality

• Trustworthiness

• Joyfulness

Central State Community Services will explore opportunities of expansion when those opportunities present themselves in existing service areas as well as expanding into new service areas. Additionally, we will explore opportunities of diversification of services which would also include diversification of funding sources.

The Home and Community Based Waiver, restructuring of the Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHP), possibility of private sector bidding for mental health services and Community Mental Health systems may create challenges that are not known at this time; therefore, Central State Community Services is preparing to remain compliant with all legislative and regulatory laws, rules, and standards. Funding and legal constraints are constantly reviewed to ensure the most effective and efficient means of agency functioning.

Additionally, over the past couple of years, COVID has had a significant impact on company, mostly in the area of staffing. Staffing has been an issue for several years, during the past couple of years we saw record low staffing. Central State remains committed to recruitment and retention, as well as compliant with local, state, and federal guidance relevant to COVID.

Central State Community Services will review its technology and systems needs as outlined in the Technology and System plan to ensure the most efficient use of staff time and resources.

Central State Community Services will review its risk management needs as outlined in the risk management plan.

Central State Community Services will review its accessibility plan needs as outlined in the accessibility plan.

Central State Community Services has identified the following as strengths and weaknesses:


Staff longevity

Board of Directors

Reputation in the Community

CARF accredited

Policy and Procedures


Condition of Homes


New staff orientation

Addition of time and attendance system

Strengthening of Home Supervisor Training

High Satisfaction of Individuals/Guardians

Improved Technology usage and security


Change in leadership


Staff turnover


Insurance claims

No diversification in services


Central State Community Services has identified the following opportunities and threats to the organization:


Improve integrated finance/HR document system

Initiate technology training to include cybersecurity, phishing, and EPH

More efficient use of the Human Resources Database

Continued Employee Training

Expansion and diversification of services

Real Estate




Occupancy and Rates

Staff Hiring Pool


Critical Issues

Central State Community Services has summarized its weaknesses and threats into the following critical issues for which long range strategic goals, using the organization’s strengths and opportunities will be developed:

1. Meaningful active engagement and community integration with individuals served.

2. Continue to strengthen training (gentle teaching, technology, policy, and procedures) throughout the organization, to develop staff and enable quality care for those we serve.

3. Sudden and emergent staffing crisis due to unforeseen loss of staff and getting a new staff trained on the floor working. Continuous analysis of turnover and recruitment efforts.

Goals and Objectives

Goals are those outcomes that the organization wishes to achieve in the next five years. Its objectives are those strategies that it proposes to use to accomplish these goals.

The organization’s financial position is outlined in the external independent audit report. It is Central State Community Services objective to increase its fund balance each year to ensure adequate reserves to continue to make advancements and improvements to programs, increase staff wages to ensure an adequate, trained, and competent staffing pool and additional resources available for growth.

Each year, Central State Community Services reviews, updates and/or changes its QA/QI goals, as outlined in its policies.