Jul 07/19/2017

Lack of Money or Caretakers?


Is the problem money or lack of caretakers? Eriech Tapia wrote a story for News OK explaining that although Developmental Disability services might be cut, the real problem is that there are not enough people wanting to become caretakers.  The following story [...]

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Jun 06/12/2017

Benefits of Volunteering


Our day to day lives are busy, it can be hard to find a time to stop and breathe, much less a time to volunteer. The benefits of volunteering are so large that making time to do it will not only bring [...]

Benefits of Volunteering2018-04-24T11:09:19-04:00
Jun 06/12/2017

Benefits of being a DSP


Do you consider yourself a kind, patient, hard-working individual? Maybe you should think about going in to a job as a direct support professional. The requirements are that you need your GED, to be over the age of 18, willing to participate [...]

Benefits of being a DSP2018-04-24T11:10:52-04:00
May 05/18/2017

Social Security Payee Services


Central State Community Services is appointed by the Social Security Administration to act as an organizational rep payee. As the payee, Central State Community Services receives and manages social security payments for people who cannot manage or direct someone else to manage their [...]

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Apr 04/27/2017

Disability Services


Central State Community Services' Disability Services Residential Services The breadth of home-based services is related to, but not limited by, those services funded by the Department of Human Services and/or Developmental Disability Services. Whether you are looking for supported living, a companion, [...]

Disability Services2018-04-24T11:14:04-04:00
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