Counties Supported by Central State Community Services

Our Locations:

Bay County: Willow

Clinton/Eaton/ Ingham County: State, Webb & Coleman

Genesee County: Herrington, Lara, Porter,

Richfield, Sycamore, Vienna, Vassar, Warner & Wilson

Huron County: Genesis & Hurford

Lapeer County: Oregon

Macomb County: Brandenburg, Gruber, Morowske, and VanDyke

Midland County: Mitchell

Oakland County: Hickory Ridge, Seymour, and


Saginaw County: Geddes and Sloan

Sanilac County: Custer, Harrington Farms, and


One Individual at a Time


“I have such respect for Sandra Morrison for the legacy she has created at Central State Community Services, Inc. The gift of a corporation that is compassionate, caring, forward thinking and proactive, is a gift that is not easily duplicated.”


“Your training has demonstrated the effectiveness that “gentle teaching” has done for Amy with the goal of slowly reducing and/or extinguishing her maldaptive behaviors.”


“I love working for Central State, because it has enhanced many lives. I feel like I’ve joined a team that has given me a greater purpose”