Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace


All employees are notified at the time of hire that it is the policy of CSCSO to maintain a drug and alcohol free work environment and to conduct random and for cause drug or alcohol testing. Further, employees are notified that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in the workplace and is grounds for immediate termination. The corporation reserves the right to require all employees to submit to a substance screen by urine, hair, saliva, breath or blood sample when requested.


Employees are assured the highest degree of confidentiality regarding testing and test results. Only senior management personnel with a “need-to-know” will have access or knowledge of testing and test results.



The purpose of this policy is:

    1. To assure the safety of people who have selected CSCSO as their service provider
    2. To assure all supports are provided by employees who are not impaired by drugs or alcohol.
    3. To assure greater safety when operating equipment and vehicles
    4. To reduce crime in the workplace
    5. To reduce absenteeism and tardiness
    6. To increase employee effectiveness, productivity and reliability
    7. To secure a living environment that protects the property and well-being of people receiving supports and sustains the highest quality of services.



  1. In order to comply with this policy, employees must be aware of the following:
    1. No alcoholic beverages of any kind, controlled substances not prescribed by a physician, or illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia are allowed at the worksite or in a company vehicle at any time
    2. Employees are prohibited from reporting to work after consuming alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or controlled substances in a condition that makes them unfit for full and reliable performance of all job responsibilities.
  1. CSCSO reserves the right to require that employees submit to drug or alcohol tests/screen in the circumstances enumerated below:
    1. As a part of a comprehensive random testing policy
    2. As a part of “for cause” testing when there is reasonable belief that the employee may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or the employee has violated the drug free workplace policy
    3. When reasonable belief exists that the employee has sustained an injury at work or the employer’s or person’s property has been damaged as a direct result of the employee’s use of drugs or alcohol
    4. Employees who have indicated they are unable to perform their duties or who have given the employer reasonable belief that drug or alcohol usage affects their job performance
    5. Excessive or unusual absenteeism or tardiness
    6. As a part of a substance abuse post rehabilitation program


  1. Substances covered by testing:
    1. Drugs and alcohol
  1. Testing methods:
    1. A screening test is the initial test performed on saliva, blood, breath, hair or urine to determine the presence or absence of drugs.
    2. If the specimen tests positive on the initial screen, the positive test will be confirmed, using the same original specimen, by gas chromatography. If the hair specimen tests positive on the initial screen, the positive test will be confirmed, using the same original specimen, by gas chromatography mass-spectomatry. The confirmation test for alcohol is done using a breath alcohol test (BAT).
  1. Testing and collection procedures will be as follows:
    1. For random testing, the Human Resource Manager/Department will notify the Senior Support Coordinator in each geographic area of the names of the employees who will be expected to participate in a substance abuse screening.
    2. The Senior Support Coordinator will be responsible for determining the day and time that testing will be completed.
    3. Testing will normally occur during or immediately after the regular work period of current employees and shall be deemed work time for the purposes of compensation. Testing done outside normal working hours must have prior approval of the Executive Director, the Executive Manager or the Human Resource Manager and shall be deemed work time for the purposes of compensation.
    4. Employees participating will be given a written explanation of the testing procedure, a copy of the current policy and will be asked to sign an acknowledgement copy for their personnel file.
    5. Only those testing facilities who meet guidelines and regulations set forth by the Department of Health and Human Services will be utilized.
    6. Collection procedures will follow those standards set forth by the Department of Health and Human Services.
    1. Employee rights:
        1. Employees have the right to receive a copy of any substance testing results and record related to that employee’s testing during their term of employment with CSCSO.
        2. Employees have the right to explain, in confidence, the test results to any member of senior agency management they choose.
        3. Employees have the right to be compensated for their time during a substance abuse screening. The employee is personally responsible for entering “their time” on the timesheet during the pay period in which the testing was completed.
        4. Employees have the right to question the results of a substance screen, and to request a retest of a positive sample. The cost of any retest is the employee’s responsibility. If the retest reverses the findings of the challenged positive test, CSCSO shall reimburse the individual for the cost of the retest.
      1. Potential adverse personnel actions:
        1. Employees who refuse to sign the drug free workplace acknowledgement are considered to have engaged in willful misconduct. Their conditional job offer will be withdrawn.
        2. Employees who refuse to participate in the requested substance abuse testing are considered to have engaged in willful misconduct. They will be subject to immediate termination.
        3. Adulteration of a specimen or of a drug or alcohol test shall be considered as a refusal to test. The employee will be subject to immediate termination.
        4. Employees with positive test results will be required to attend an assessment conference with the CSCSO EAP counselor. The date and time of the appointment will be set by a member of the CSCSO administrative management team. Failure to attend and cooperate with the EAP counselor will result in termination of employment.
        5. Employees with a positive test result may be retested at the employer’s discretion for up to two Any second positive result will cause immediate termination of employment.
      1. An employee must notify CSCSO’s Human Resource Department in writing of his or her conviction for a violation of a criminal drug statute occurring in the workplace within five calendar days of said conviction. In turn, CSCSO must notify OKDHS, in writing, within 10 calendar days after receiving notice from the employee.
      1. An employee who, as a part of a medical treatment plan, is required by a physician to use controlled substances/narcotics must report this fact to his or her immediate supervisor or Support Coordinator. In addition, he or she must present any reasonable medical documentation requested by CSCSO. The employer shall make a determination as to whether or not the employee is able to perform work responsibilities satisfactorily.
      1. All employees are provided with periodic information and training regarding the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and with information about the available community services that deal with dependency issues they, their families, or their friends may have.
      1. When applicants receive a conditional job offer they are provided a complete copy of CSCSO’s Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Policy. Any subsequent change to the policy will be made with a ten day notice to existing employees. Notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place in each office; printed in the Pay Day Post; and posted on the company website.