Central State Community Services’ Disability Services

Residential Services

The breadth of home-based services is related to, but not limited by, those services funded by the Department of Human Services and/or Developmental Disability Services. Whether you are looking for supported living, a companion, in-home supports (IHSW), daily living supports (DLS), occasional staffing or transportation, any number of options can be developed for a variety of needs.

Representative Payee Services

Central State Community Services is appointed by the Social Security Administration to act as an organizational rep payee. As the payee, Central State Community Services receives and manages social security and/other payments for people who cannot manage or direct someone else to manage their money.

Vocation Services

Whether you call it job coaching or employment supports, a Central State Community Services vocation program identifies the individual preferences and strengths of a person and works to find the best community-based option.

Central State Community Services employees with specialized employment training access a variety of resources to secure available employment opportunities ranging from volunteer positions to full and part-time paid employment.

To find out more about Central State Community Services’ disability services, contact us today. Our caring and supportive staff are ready to help!