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CSCS’s philosophy starts with an emphasis on advocating with and for people with Mental Illness and intellectual/developmental disabilities by providing the support, assistance, and encouragement they need to live and work as independently as possible in their community.


CSCS Mission

Central State is committed to assisting the persons who are served in the pursuit of their hopes and dreams through quality support and services to meet individual needs and personal outcomes.

Although each plan is individualized, 5 concepts serve as framework for the services provided to each individual. They are:

1.  Human Rights
2.  Person Centered Planning
3.  Choice
4.  Family and Community Relationships
5.  Staff Competency


Services extend to several locations throughout Michigan and supports hundreds of adults. The cities below reflect locations where CSCS provides services.


“I have such respect for Sandra Morrison for the legacy she has created at Central State Community Services, Inc. The gift of a corporation that is compassionate, caring, forward thinking and proactive, is a gift that is not easily duplicated.”


“Your training has demonstrated the effectiveness that “gentle teaching” has done for Amy with the goal of slowly reducing and/or extinguishing her maldaptive behaviors.”


“I love working for Central State, because it has enhanced many lives. I feel like I’ve joined a team that has given me a greater purpose”


Employee Spotlight

We are proud of the over 350 people who form the backbone of this organization. We spotlight employees to “shine a light” on these dedicated folks.


Job Listings

If you are interesting in helping people we have a variety of positions available at various locations throughout Michigan


One Individual at a Time

Your donation will go directly to enriching their lives.